Support for your employees

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a fully confidential counselling service available to assist employees in managing personal and work related concerns. This service is provided by qualified psychologists and clinical social workers for employees and their immediate families. EAP is short-term support that allows individuals to access timely guidance and support.

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Programs and services for job seekers

Critical incident management services

We can offer 24/7 assistance in coordinating a response to a critical event and providing psychological first aid for employees. The aim is to secure safety and trust to ensure a smooth recovery for the business and staff.

Manager assist

Manager Assist is a confidential service for managers and supervisors that can be accessed confidentially by phone. Manager Assist allows leaders to have access to specialist psychologists for strategies, guidance and support to deal with issues related to their role as leaders.

Resources for your employees

Our EAP service provides regular blogs and articles you can use to proactively support your employees. By providing content to distribute through your business, we are able to help you raise awareness around relevant issues for you and your employees.

HR coaching

When difficult issues arise, this can put significant pressure on HR, managers and individuals and make it difficult to find a resolution or longer term plan. HR initiated coaching can provide support for people facing a range of issues and facilitate better communication and understanding of complex issues.

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