Develop the skills to participate fully in Australian life

If you are a new migrant to Australia, you may be eligible to access English language classes with MAX through the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

The AMEP provides up to 510 hours of English tuition. The language skills you gain will help you settle into life and work in Australia. 

Our qualified trainers deliver English classes in a safe and supportive environment. Learning is flexible and takes into account your individual needs and circumstances. 

Our friendly team are dedicated to giving you the best start, and will support you every step of the way. 

Please note: The Australian Government provides information about the AMEP in nearly 40 languages. These flyers are available here.  

Students in the Adult Migrant English Program

Interpreter Services are available

If you would like to speak to us but require an interpreter, we can provide this service free of charge. To speak to an interpreter, use the contact details provided and tell us which language you would like an interpreter for and a contact number. We will then call you back with an interpreter to follow up your enquiry. These services are available during office hours only.

Contact us to find your local office

Improve your skills to help find work

Eligibility for the AMEP

The AMEP is available to many new migrants who speak little or no English.

You may be eligible for the AMEP if you are a permanent resident of Australia or you hold an eligible temporary visa. 

Apply Now

Register for the AMEP

When you contact us we will invite you to meet with us to check whether you are eligible for the AMEP. 

You will need to bring:

  • Proof of identification (ID), eg. Immicard, passport
  • Proof of your 2nd VAC payment (if necessary)
  • A copy of your Visa Grant letter.

We can arrange an interpreter at no cost to you. You can also bring a support person along. Free child care is available for your children who are under six years of age and not attending school. 

If you are eligible for the AMEP, we can register you in the next available course. 

Learn English with us

Our team will start by talking with you to understand your needs, skills, circumstances and goals. Together you will make a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Our tutors aim to create a supportive environment, taking into account the history and culture of all students.

Much of the learning will take place in a classroom environment, however you will also enjoy learning through outings to places in your local community. This might include visits to your local library, museums, art displays, grocery stores, zoo and historical sites. 

Along with teaching English, our courses will teach you other skills for settling into Australian life. For example, how to access government and community services, banking, medical assistance and emergency services.

Learn more with special programs

Your teacher will talk to you if you are eligible for other special programs in the AMEP including:

  • Distance Learning: Distance Learning can be accessed by all AMEP students, even if you are attending classes at MAX. If you have problems attending our classes, we can help
  • SPP: the Special Preparatory Program recognises that some students require more time for learning
  • AMEP Extend: Depending on the availability, some students are eligible to access further study through the Extend program
  • SLPET: Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training is designed for AMEP students who are ready to move into work.

Your next steps

Once you have completed the AMEP your tutors will work with you to plan your next steps. They will work with you to help you understand your options and make decisions about your future. 

Further English tuition, training towards a qualification or moving into work may be for you. In any case, our team will be there to help. 

In the AMEP with MAX, you will not only learn English but you will also enjoy a family-like support network. 

This sense of community and the friendships you make are also things you can take into the next stage of your new life in Australia. 

Have a question about learning English with the AMEP? Read our FAQs
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