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What is expected of me when I attend Prepare/Employability Skills Training (EST)?

We are passionate about helping you succeed. To give yourself the best chance of success in EST, we encourage you to:

  • Be part of creating a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Treat the training like a job – be on time, call us and let us know if you are sick or can’t attend for another reason 
  • Treat others with respect, participate and follow instructions
  • Let everyone have their say and don’t judge 
  • Help us tailor activities for you to build on your strengths and interests
  • Stick with it to the end – don’t give up!
  • If you have any concerns or are not enjoying the course, talk with the trainer who will help you to overcome anything that might be in the way of you achieving success.

What happens after I complete EST with MAX?

After you have completed your Employability Skills Training (EST) with us, we will refer you back to your employment services provider. They will then walk you through the next phase of your PaTH.

This will likely involve a traineeship or internship in a workplace that provides the kind of experience that sets you on the path to achieving your employment goals. 

During an internship, you will receive a fortnightly incentive paid by the government.

Some internships can lead to paid employment. 

I am with MAX Employment, why can’t I undertake the EST with MAX?

To encourage collaboration between employment service and training providers, the Australian Government has asked that we work together with other providers to take you through the PaTH (Prepare, Trial, Hire) program. 

This means that if you are registered with MAX Employment, we can work with another provider to ensure you can access Employability Skills Training (EST, the Prepare part of PaTH). 

If you are with another employment services provider, we may be able to provide you with top quality EST. Talk to your employment consultant about whether booking in with us for EST is an option for you.

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