What to do if the interviewer is younger than you

What to do if the interviewer is younger than you

Preparing for a job interview is always difficult.

But there are added psychological complications when you arrive and realise the interviewer is young enough to be your own child.

What to do if the interviewer is younger than you

Here are some tips on how to handle interviews where the person hiring is much younger than yourself.

Leave your generalisations at home

Even if the interviewer reminds you of your kids, it doesn’t mean you can treat the interviewer as a child. Put yourself in their shoes, it’s equally as nerve wracking to interview someone older than you are. The key is to make the interviewer feel like your equal.

Acknowledge the age gap to yourself, but don’t bring it up

Instead, focus on dispelling common myths the interviewer may have around hiring you. Be enthusiastic to eradicate the thought that you aren’t as energetic as your younger counter parts, try and show that you are have kept up to date with the latest in your industry by discussing new technologies.

Focus on your most recent work experience

You might have worked for 14 amazing companies in the last 30 years, but the interviewer isn’t necessarily going to be impressed by things that happened before they were born.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Make a list of intelligent questions before you go to the interview and really listen to what the answers are. Younger management staff want to make sure that you will listen to their direction – not steam roll over them.

Brush up on any necessary skills

If you’re unfamiliar with common office systems now is your time to make this a priority. The last thing a manager wants is for you to be constantly asking questions on how to use Skype.

By following these tips you should be well on your way to securing the job! Check out more interview tips here.

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