Tweet your way to a job

Tweet your way to a job

By using Twitter to its full potential you can learn about jobs online before other job seekers even know about them.

Tweet your way to a job

Here are some tips on how to use Twitter in your job search.

Get in first

Responding to jobs via Twitter can give you a competitive advantage over other jobseekers. Many employers may post the job to Twitter before putting the job up online elsewhere. It also shows you are up to date with current technology and social media.


To search for jobs, you can start by entering your keywords (eg, ‘retail jobs’) into the search box in the right hand corner of the page and hit enter. Tweets that match these keywords will be displayed in the results with the latest showing up first. 

You can also use the Twitter job search application: In a similar way, you can type in your relevant keywords into the search box and the site will display relevant tweets. You can also refine your search results according to keywords, the date, the language and certain Twitter users. 

TweetMyJobs is another Twitter job search application that allows you to choose from different Twitter job channels. You can then request it to alert you via text message or Twitter direct message when relevant jobs are posted.

Follow people you’d like to work for

This allows you to keep up to date with what is happening in their business and to see any jobs they post.

Keep the content professional

Keep in mind that Twitter is a public forum and anyone following you can see the content you are posting. Make sure your page is professional and delete anything that may put you in a negative light. 

If you've got an existing Twitter account, it's worth considering setting up a new account especially tailored to your job search.

Use a professional headshot

Use one similar to one you would use on your LinkedIn profile. You want people to recognise your face.

Make the most of the bio

You are allowed 160 characters for your bio, which appears at the top of your Twitter home page. This bio is searchable, so fill it with keywords that describe you, your profession and the job you are seeking. This is the best way for employers and recruiters to find you. Employers can also search by location so it’s important to include your current or target location.

Be active

Start posting and see what happens. Hopefully you’ll soon find Twitter beneficial to your job search and you might even land a job.

Twitter is a great platform to connect with people and make new connections outside of your current circle. It can also be a useful job seeking tool, helping you to find jobs and allowing potential employers to find you.

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