Turning your internship into a job offer


An internship is not only a great way to get work experience, it can also lead to a more permanent role.

Turning your internship into a job offer

Make the most of the opportunity

Internships can last from anywhere from a week to a few months so you only have a short time to stand out to the employer. They will be watching for how you’re performing, what you have achieved and how well you fit into the team.

Aim to be the first person they think of when an opportunity comes up. If you know of permanent positions within the company, express your interest.

Putting purpose in your day

There’s only so many hours you can fill each day with job searching. Training is a great way to put purpose in your day, it helps you get into a consistent work routine.

Demonstrate how much you have learnt and grown

Show that you are ready and willing to learn more. Prove that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities within the company.

Treat it like a permanent job

Show up every day on time and be as flexible as you can be around what days you can intern. If you’ve completed all your tasks, ask for something else to do – they are always looking out for people who show initiative.

If it doesn’t lead to anything more

Keep your chin up and ask your employer to keep you in mind if a position does come up.

Remember that other employers will see the experience you gain from internships the same as any paid permanent position. Include it in your resume and ask your supervisor if they will be a reference for you.

If you’re balancing an internship with study and/or casual work or a part time job, highlight your ability to manage different tasks and your time management.

If you’re struggling to find work, an internship can do wonders for boosting your experience, confidence and attractiveness to employers.

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