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    Supporting Someone with Depression

    Published by MAXSolutions on August 3 2019
    Supporting Someone with Depression   Depression can be a debilitating condition. Although it affects everyone differently, a low mood is common as is a loss of enjoyment in things or ceasing involvement in a once loved activity. READ MORE
  • Person asleep on bed

    Good Sleep Habits

    Published by MAXSolutions on August 2 2019
    Good sleep habits   Sleep can be affected by many things.  Most people experience difficulty sleeping when they are stressed, worried or experiencing change.  There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your sleep.  Try some READ MORE
  • Person trying hard to move weights

    Building Resilience

    Published by MAXSolutions on July 30 2019
    Building Resilience   Resilience is about coming out of a stressful situation able to function.  Resilience allows a person to rebound from adversity as a strengthened and more resourceful person. Resilience is best understood as a READ MORE
  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual Harassment

    Published by MAXSolutions on June 3 2019
    Sexual Harassment What is it and what can you do about it?   READ MORE
  • Financial Coaching

    Financial Coaching

    Published by MAXSolutions on June 1 2019
    Financial Coaching Financial stress is sadly becoming very widespread. In a recent poll, over half the people questioned said they were “stressed” about their finances. Yet asking for help can be difficult and knowing who you can trus READ MORE
  • Young woman hugging herself

    Self Compassion

    Published by MAXSolutions on October 12 2018
    Did you know self compassion can improve your wellbeing? Self-compassion helps you to recover from adverse life events; it improves your mental health, reduces stress and helps you achieve your goals.   Self-compassionate people are READ MORE
  • Man sneezing

    Staying Well in Flu Season

    Published by MAXSolutions on October 12 2018
    Make sure you stay well in flu season. What is the flu? Influenza, or the flu, is a highly contagious respiratory illness. It's a common cause of hospitalisation and many people die each year from complications of the flu in Australi READ MORE
  • stay focused at work

    How to stay focused at work

    Published by MAXSolutions on September 20 2018
    Cognition is the mental action or process for acquiring knowledge and understand through thought, experience and the senses. READ MORE
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