Putting your best foot forward

Putting your best foot forward
Preparing for an interview

You've an interview. You’re halfway there, now all you need to do is impress the employer to get that job. If you want to ace your interview then it’s best to be prepared. MAX Team Leader, Natalie DeBattista shares some tips  to help you get sorted.

Research the company and the role

How much do you know about the business and the role?  Read up as much as you can about the company in advance to show your interest.  The company’s website and/or social media are great places to start.  Read over the job description and think about how you would fit the role.

Dress for success

Dress appropriately for the industry.  For example, for an interview at a farm, you could wear high vis and safety shoes, whereas for an office job, you could wear a suit.  Reflect your knowledge of the sector by wearing suitable attire and of course, make sure you are groomed.

When you don't have experience

Found a role that you are interested in but don’t have the exact experience?  That’s ok!  You might have transferrable skills – make a list of the skills you already have and highlight these. Think about real examples of how you approached challenges to demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

Most often employers are looking for the right attitude, people who are hard workers and ready to learn.  Highlight your commitment to learning new skills, show your passion and enthusiasm for the industry, and express your desire to give your best efforts.  

Prepare your answers

Think about the questions the interviewer might ask.  Prepare your response in advance and practice.  

Questions to ask the interviewer

We’ve all been there – at the end of the interview, the interviewer asks you if you have any questions and you draw a blank.  After a long discussion, you’ve probably covered a lot of ground already.  Come prepared with questions that can show how interested and motivated you are in getting the job.  For example, you could ask: ”What do you believe is the best thing about working for the company?”

Remember the employer chose you!

It’s a two-way street – remember the employer chose to interview you because they liked your application and were interested in you.  If you look at it from that perspective, it’s a good way to build up confidence.

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