Playing around on social media could get you a job

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Many job seekers overlook how useful social media can be when searching for work. You can use it to find jobs and it can help you to be seen by potential employers.

Playing around on social media could get you a job

Here are some ways to make the most of it

Follow companies

If you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, follow the companies you’d like to work for. This way you can keep yourself up to date with what is happening in their businesses. Try and actively engage with their posts to get yourself noticed.


Twitter also allows you to do keyword searches to see if anyone is looking to hire in your field. You can also use the Twitter job search application: With this application you have the option to use an advanced search, which allows you to refine your search results according to keywords, the date, the language and certain Twitter users.

Join groups

On LinkedIn and Facebook you can join groups to get involved in conversations, ask questions and share your own valuable and useful information. As the groups are a public forum, you never know who may be reading what you have to contribute – it could be a potential employer.

Keep it professional

Remember that while social media can help you find a job, it also has the potential to work the other way. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter profiles look professional. 

You might like to create dedicated job-search profiles but be prepared for employers to view your personal pages too.

When used well, social media can be another great tool to help you in your job search. Start posting, chatting and tweeting your way to a job today.

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