Working towards a better future

As an Opportunity Pathways Program provider in Sydney, MAX will empower you to either find new employment or ways to increase your current employment. By providing you with support and building new opportunities for you, we can help you find financial stability and security.

What can the program do for you?

  • Build confidence through activities
  • Enrol in training to build new skills
  • Find relevant work experience.
  • Support finding work.
Opportunity Pathways Program customer

How to get started

Eligibility for the program

We deliver the Opportunity Pathways Program in the areas of Sydney, Northern Sydney and South Eastern Sydney. To be eligible you should be either:

  • A social housing tenant/s or an individual living in social housing
  • An approved social housing applicant
  • Currently in receipt of Rent Choice subsidies

Talk with us

By understanding your circumstances, we can create a plan to work towards getting you the life you want. At an initial meeting you and your case manager will talk through:

  • Education, training and employment goals
  • Current living situation and ideal future living situation
  • The different services we provide that are right for you.


Your Case Manager will work with you to write a Training, Employment and Housing Plan that will consider all the areas you would like support with.

It could include apprenticeships, traineeships, certificate courses or an employment opportunity.

The plan will evolve over time and we will continue to review this together in weekly catch ups over the phone or in person.

Gain skills

By working on specific skills, training and/or employment activities we can build your confidence and a pathway to a new career. We will make sure these activites tie to your overall and long term goals.

Supporting you into work

You’ll have regular phone and one on one catch ups with your Case Manager. We can also connect you to other support you may need, so that you can stay focused on training or work.

Contact our team

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