Empowering Indigenous youth by partnering with remote communities

In partnership with the Aboriginal Biodiversity Conservation (ABC) Foundation, a registered Indigenous charitable organisation, we work with unemployed people in the remote Gascoyne region of Western Australia to support them into work.

Ocean to Outback is the Australian Government’s provider of the Community Development Programme (CDP) in the Gascoyne area. Through Ocean to Outback, we are working closely with remote Indigenous communities to build employment capacity, increase school attendance, and support young people in the region to engage in positive behaviours.

Activities delivered through Ocean to Outback empower local people within the framework of promoting Aboriginal culture and the growth of a sustainable land and sea economy.

They include:

  • Children’s breakfast club program
  • Cultural awareness, leadership and team building programs for young men and women
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Computer skills workshops
  • Carpentry and arts programs
  • Health living programs
  • Ranger programs
  • Town, house and yard maintenance
  • Confidence building and relationship strengthening programs for young women.

The partnership with ABC Foundation builds on their strengths and ours and recognises that together we deliver a better program for the community.

Pat Dodson visiting members of local Gascoyne community

Activity benefits

Activities in the community

Greater student engagement

Many children who take part in the breakfast club, with the support of their parents, attend school more regularly and are making advances in their school work.

Increased sense of community

Work for the Dole participants are more engaged in their local community and conservation efforts. Communities are taking greater responsibility for keeping their towns clean and safe.

Deepening of key relationships

Young men are developing relationships with the land, their elders and culture while young women are deepening their relationships with their mothers, grandmothers and other community members.

Women growing in confidence

Many young women are growing in confidence as they actively engage in continuing their education or searching for work.

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