Not sure where to start? A short course can help build your confidence

Not sure how to get started

Whether it’s your first job, you are just coming back into work, or you have worked for a long time, and now you find yourself in the job market, a short course can help you build your confidence.

Not sure where to start? A short course can help build your confidence

Still not sure if a course is the right move for you? Here a five big pluses to studying short-term.

You won’t be alone

Doing a short course can be a great opportunity to meet with other people who are looking for jobs in your local area. Network, make new friends, and get ideas for job searching! You’ll be brimming with confidence and motivation.

Putting purpose in your day

There’s only so many hours you can fill each day with job searching. Training is a great way to put purpose in your day, it helps you get into a consistent work routine.

Develop the skills employers are after

Often employers want to interview candidates who have a good understanding of workplace safety requirements, or who can work as part of a team, communicate effectively, and can complete workplace documentation. Most importantly, they want to interview candidates who will turn up for work, are reliable and willing to learn. Short courses can teach you all of these things (and more)!

Show you’re keen

Attending a short course in Work Readiness or Core Employability Skills will demonstrate your commitment to getting and keeping the job.

New experiences

You’ll be pushed outside your comfort zone and achieve things you never knew you were capable of. The skills you learn you will have for life.

Interested in a short course now?

Great! Here are some quick tips for starting your course...

  • Treat your time in the classroom like you would treat the workplace. Be on-time, show respect for others, and complete the tasks
  • Look the part! Make sure your hair and face are presentable, iron your clothes and smell nice. Be fit for work. You might be having the time of your life, but it’s not a good idea to show up to work looking like you’ve just come from a party
  • Shine bright! When you are in training, work hard and try your best, you can’t ask for more than that! The subjects you complete can be used to gain credits in a full qualification.

Training is a stepping stone into employment. Talk to the team at MAX today, and find out what training is available for you.

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