Negotiating $$$ – how to get the salary you want

Negotiating $$$ – how to get the salary you want

Negotiating your salary helps you to earn more and be seen as more valuable by employers.

Negotiating $$$ – how to get the salary you want

Here are a few ways to help you negotiate the figure you’re after.

Do some research

Before your interview, take time to learn about the company’s salary ranges and benefits. Also, find out the salary range for similar jobs across your industry by looking at job ads, industry websites or asking people who work in your industry. This will help you to gauge what is a reasonable amount to request.

Make sure you don’t bring up the topic of salary too early. Wait until either the employer brings it up or they have decided you are the right person for the job.

Offer the first figure

When the time is right to negotiate salary, be sure to state a figure before the employer does. This is the figure that salary negotiations will start at.

Show them what they’ll save

While negotiating, be sure to promote your value by letting the employer know how you can make or save them money.

Take your time

Even if you like what’s offered to you, avoid saying yes right away. Give the employer a time frame and let them know you will get back to them within that time frame.

Use one offer to raise another

If you’ve been interviewing for other jobs, call those employers and let them know what you’ve been offered. See if they can make you a better offer. Knowing that another employer wants you will make you more attractive to any potential employers.

If the other employer does make you an offer, let the first employer know of the interest you have received as it will help you to be seen as more valuable.

Trade $$ for benefits

If the employer can’t offer you the salary that you want, think about other options that may be of value to you but not cost the employer as much, such as benefits, education or flexibility around when and where you work.

Follow these tips and you might find yourself with a higher salary than you ever expected – it does happen. Good luck!

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