National Panel of Assessors

What is the National Panel of Assessors (NPA)?

The NPA is a board of qualified providers appointed by the Australian Government to deliver assessment services to assist people with disability who are seeking employment and/or need support to stay in employment.

Multiple qualified providers have been appointed to the National Panel of Assessors in each area. 

This allows the Department of Social Services to allocate referrals to providers based on a number of factors, including each provider’s capacity and current allocation of assessments, while avoiding any conflicts of interest. 

What qualifications do your National Panel of Assessors (NPA) assessors have?

Our assessors are generally registered health professionals, with at least two years’ experience in disability employment or a related field. They are all individually assessed and approved to be on the panel by the Department of Social Services.

What is a Supported Wage System Assessment?

A Supported Wage System Assessment is designed to review all of the factors involved and help employees and employers reach an agreement regarding a fair wage. 

This type of assessment is particularly appropriate for employees with an injury or disability that affects their productivity. 

Can other employment providers use MAX’s National Panel of Assessors (NPA) assessment services?

Yes. Our NPA assessment services are available to other employment service providers. We welcome referrals from our colleagues in the industry.

It is our aim to provide high quality workplace assessments that give other employment service providers the confidence to support their customers in work. Contact us to find out more. 

I feel like the wage I am being offered is not fair, what can I do?

Many people with an injury or disability receive full pay, however if your injury or disability affects your productivity, you may be referred for a Supported Wage Assessment.

A Supported Wage Assessment will help to determine a wage that is fair for both you and the employer. Our assessors are trained to be objective and to ensure an outcome that is fair for both of you. You are also eligible to receive another assessment in 12-24 months at which time your wage could increase if your productivity has increased. 

If you or your employer disagree with the recommended wage, you will need to start by chatting it through. If you are still unable to reach an agreement, you or your employer may submit a request for a review of the assessment process, with the Department’s Assessment Team.

If you are already engaged in employment, the Fair Work Commission may be able to assist.

I feel like my work capacity has improved since my last assessment, how can I get my wage reviewed?

The Supported Wage System provisions specify that reviews should occur annually and should be scheduled to occur within 12 months of the employee’s previous assessment. An earlier review date may be negotiated if you feel there has been a significant change in work tasks or your productivity.

What does a workplace assessment involve?

A Supported Wage System assessment takes place at your workplace, at a time that is suitable to both you and your employer. 

An Ongoing Support Assessment takes place at a location agreed to by all parties, but often occurs at the office of your employment services provider. 

I’m receiving Disability Employment Services (DES) with MAX, how can I get an assessment?

If you are a DES customer with MAX, your consultant will facilitate workplace assessments with another member of the National Panel of Assessors (NPA). If you have any concerns about this, let them know. 

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