MAX Employment provides services for people to prepare for, find and maintain a job

The right job changes their circumstances today, and builds them a better future tomorrow. The MAX team is made up of trusted professionals in more than 250 locations across Australia, dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs.

We work with varied employers as well as state and federal governments and agencies. From metropolitan hubs to remote areas, our business and community connections are at the core of how we can link our customers to a wide range of jobs across multiple industries.

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Disability Employment Service (DES)

Connecting those with disability, injury or health condition with the support they need to find the work they want. 

  • Understanding our customers

    We take the time to get to know our customers and together make a plan unique to them.

  • Finding work

    We use our local, state and national employer contacts to find work that suits each customer.

  • Empowering through support

    We support our customers through their journey, before and during the job search and after they find work.

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We connect those receiving income support payments with the employment services and support they need to journey into meaningful and sustainable employment. 

  • Finding the right match

    The more we know about our customers, the easier it is to find the right job.

  • Delivering opportunities

    We work with customers to improve resumes and connect them with job opportunities in their area.

  • Ongoing support

    After customers land a job, we provide further support giving them the best chance of success.

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NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

Year 12 school leavers with disability may be able to receive individualised supports to build their skills and assist them to confidently transition from school to employment.

  • Plan for the future

    We get to understand our customers’ goals and together set a plan to achieve them.

  • Building skills and confidence

    Customers can participate in activities to build their independence and confidence.

  • Prepare for the next steps

    Whatever is next for each of our customers, we stand by them and help them move forward in their journey.

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Smart, Skilled and Hired Youth Employment 

Connecting young people working low hours or struggling to find a job in Western Sydney with pre-work training and support into local employment opportunities.

  • Supporting young people

    We take the time to get to know each customer’s situation, skills and experience.

  • Preparing for work

    We connect customers with the types of support needed to prepare for the work they want in the future.

  • Delivering opportunities

    We assist customers through job applications and support them after they land the job they want.

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Parents of young children who are not currently in the workforce can get connected with support and training to prepare them for employment, and balancing both work and family.

  • Balancing career and family

    We take the time to get to know each customer, their skills, goals and current family situation.

  • Preparing for work

    Customers can participate in a wide range of activities to prepare them for work.

  • Support into the future

    We help customers find work that suits them and provide ongoing support.

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