LinkedIn tips

LinkedIn tips

LinkedIn is the number one site for professional networking and can be used as a job searching tool.

LinkedIn tips

By setting up a professional profile and sharing it, you are giving employers and recruiters the chance to find you. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people from your school, past employment or virtually anywhere. Here are some tips to creating a profile that will attract interest and potential employers.

Spend time making it awesome

The more information you put on your profile, the more likely recruiters will be able to find you – LinkedIn helps you fill out your profile by gauging its ‘completeness’ as you work through it.

Get a custom URL

LinkedIn automatically assigns you a URL with a random bunch of numbers when you sign up. However, you can customise this on the ‘Edit Profile’ screen to something like

Choose a great photo

It’s important to use an image that is clear, friendly and professional. Make sure you look good and the photo background isn't distracting.

Show off your personality

Use the headline space to showcase your specialty. State what sets you apart from your competition.

Use links

Make your profile shine with links to relevant presentations, projects or achievements. Even if you're new to the game, employers look favourably on volunteer and work experience.

Use keywords

Load your profile up with keywords that a recruiter or potential employer would be searching for. Add them to your headline, job titles and your summary section.

Use the summary space

Write in first person, (I, me, my) and keep it brief. Give a quick summary of your experience, skills, achievements and qualifications. Let a little of your personality shine through.

Join groups

LinkedIn offers groups so you can find people with similar interests. Join quality groups to find opinion leaders and experts in your field. Your new boss may be only be a conversation away.

Share relevant articles

Sharing relevant updates and industry news will help recruiters find you! It will also grow your personal brand and network.

Include a ‘call to action’

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a potential sales pitch and try to close the deal. Make sure you write a ‘call to action’ at the end by requesting the reader to get in contact. Remember to add your contact details.

Keep it current

Stay regularly active on LinkedIn (even if you only go on 10 minutes a day) and keep your profile up to date. Keep an eye on your mailbox so you can respond to messages promptly.

Reach out to your second degree connections

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you get the option to connect with their contacts. These people are called 'second degree connections'. Of course, once you’ve connected with them, they become first degree connections and you get a new group of second degree connections. As you continue to link with second degree connections, your network will expand.

Once you start making connections on LinkedIn, you never know who might introduce you to a new employer.

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