What can I expect from MAX when I am in jobactive?

As a jobactive provider, MAX employment is committed ensuring you receive a certain standard of service. View our Service Delivery Plan for Jobseekers..

We will:

  • Work with you to develop your Job Plan
  • Identify your strengths and any challenges you face to increase your job readiness
  • Refer you to suitable jobs
  • Match you to a suitable Work for the Dole placement (where appropriate)
  • Reassess your needs if your circumstances change
  • Help you with wage subsidies or relocation assistance (where appropriate)
  • Keep in contact with you and your employer once you have started a job
  • Provide services that are set out in our Service Delivery Plan
  • Treat you fairly and with respect in a culturally sensitive way.

If you feel like we are not meeting our obligations, begin by talking with your employment consultant.

If you feel you are unable to or if you have tried and are not happy with the outcome, you can contact the Department of Employment’s National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260 (free call from land lines), or email

What are the expectations of me in jobactive? What do mutual obligations mean?

The Government deems that you have responsibilities while in jobactive and while you’re receiving income support. These are called mutual obligation requirements. These responsibilities are designed to ensure you remain active and engaged while you look for work.

If you have mutual obligation requirements, you will generally need to:

  • Let us know if your circumstances change
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend an appointment or activity
  • Enter into a Job Plan that will outline what you will do to find work and satisfy your mutual obligation requirements. As part of this, you will also need to do everything you have agreed to do in your Job Plan
  • Look for up to 20 jobs each month and report these online. However, we are able to tailor this requirement to your individual circumstances and local labour market conditions
  • Complete Work for the Dole or another suitable activity (such as part-time work, part-time study in an eligible course, participation in accredited language, literacy and numeracy training or voluntary work) for six months each year. Any annual activity requirements outlined in your Job Plan must be completed
  • Make every effort to get and keep a job
  • Accept any suitable job.

What happens if I don’t meet my mutual obligations?

If you do not meet your mutual obligation requirements as laid out in your Job Plan, it could affect your income support payments. 

For example, if you do not show evidence of looking for the required number of jobs each month, or you fail to complete an agreed upon activity such as a Work for the Dole placement, Centrelink could suspend your payments. 

While it is ultimately your responsibility to complete the tasks laid out in your Job Plan, we are there to support you along the way. 

If you have any concerns about your ability to meet your mutual obligations, you can talk to your employment consultant. Talk to them early to help avoid your payments being suspended.

What are the different jobactive ‘streams’ and what does it mean for me?

If you are on income support, Centrelink will assess your needs for jobactive services. They will use this information to allocate you to the appropriate stream that will provide you with the appropriate amount of support to help you find a job.

Stream A: if you are allocated to Stream A, you have been deemed to be among the most ready to enter employment. You will receive services to help you understand what employers want and how to navigate the local labour market. If you need support to build you résumé, look for jobs and access self-help facilities, we will also provide that to you.

Stream B: if you have been allocated to Stream B, you will receive additional case management support. We will provide you with additional help to get you ready to enter the job market.

Stream C: if you have been allocated to Stream C, Centrelink has deemed that you have some extra challenges and personal issues that you may need some support with. You will be allocated additional case management support to help you get ready to enter the job market.

If you would like to know what stream you have been allocated to, have concerns about your stream allocation or would like more information, talk to your employment consultant.

When is my next jobactive appointment?

Login to the jobactive website and you will be able to see any appointments in your Job Seeker Calendar.

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