How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter

Cover letters are one page letters you usually send with your resumes when applying for a job.

Each cover letter is unique, explaining how you would be a perfect fit for that job and company. 

How to write a cover letter

However, each cover letter should always follow the same structure.

Address the letter to the employer

At the top of the page before you begin writing, begin by addressing the letter to the employer of the job you are applying for. Start with the date, then followed by the hiring manager’s name. If you don’t know the hiring manager’s name, write the company’s name instead. Underneath that, list the company’s full address.

Introduce yourself

Begin by stating your name, the position you are applying for and how you found the position posting. The rest of the paragraph should have the basic information about you, including your education and area of study.

Sell yourself

The next paragraph should be a response directly to the job posting’s description. Make sure you highlight previous experience and skills that match what the company is looking for. In most cases, it is best to combine what is in your resume and what is in the job description to show how you meet the company’s needs. This is also great area to include personality traits, such as organisational skills or how well you work with a team.

Conclude with a call to action

State that you like to come in for an interview for the position to talk more about the job and the company. Tell them that you will reach back you by phone or email in the coming week if you don’t hear a response. And, most importantly, thank the hiring manager for taking the time to read your cover letter and resume and for considering you for the job position.

Writing a cover letter may take a few tries, but in the end it will help you stand out to an employer and show that you will be a perfect fit for the job!

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