How to ooze confidence in your interview

How to ooze confidence in your interview

Research has shown that outgoing people tend to be more successful in job interviews than those who are more reserved.

How to ooze confidence in your interview

This might be because they are confident talking about their achievements and naturally express enthusiasm.

For some people, talking about themselves does not come easily. Here are some key pointers on how to project confidence at your next interview.

Make eye contact

This will show you are focussed and allow you to connect with the interviewer.

Project a powerful presence

While you’re being interviewed, sit up straight with your shoulders back. This posture will make you appear more confident.

Be upbeat

When it comes to making a hiring decision, many employers hire people who they’ll enjoy spending time with. This is why it’s important to be friendly and positive when you meet.

Get things off to a good start by smiling and offering a firm handshake when you meet your interviewer. This is one of the quickest ways to set a friendly tone.

Interview the interviewer

Rather than just answering questions, make sure you have some of your own prepared. This shows that you’re interested in the job and and eager to learn more.

Highlight your accomplishments

If there was ever a time to tell people how awesome you are, a job interview is it. It’s one of the few situations where being boastful creates a positive impression. If you’re uncomfortable talking about your successes, try putting them into other people’s words, e.g. “My last manager said I was great at customer service.”

With a little effort, you’ll come across more confident, nail that interview and score yourself a job.

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