How to communicate with your boss

communicate with your boss

For plenty of people getting a new job is exciting because it signals opportunities to learn new skills, expand your network, and build your resume.

How to communicate with your boss

No matter how much you try and avoid it, you’re eventually going to have to communicate with your boss. Here are some tips so you’re ready when the time comes.

Learn how they like to communicate

Find out what day of the week and what time of day they prefer to be contacted. Do they prefer to talk in person, over the phone or via email?

Write down what you want to talk about

You could even rehearse what you want to say – this will help ensure you’re being clear about you want or need.

Avoid going to your boss if you’re emotional

Give yourself some time to cool off. It’s best to talk to them before issues become heated.

Avoid gossiping or spread rumours, regardless of the situation.

Listen to what your boss is saying

If you’re not clear on something they have said, ask them to clarify or repeat it.

Maintain good body language

  • Sit or stand straight
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Lean into the conversation
  • Avoid fidgeting
  • Be positive.

Keep an open mind and be ready to compromise

You may not get the answer you want as your boss may not see things your way.

Communicate regularly

This will help you develop and maintain a comfortable relationship which will make communication that much easier.

Your boss will notice and appreciate it if you take the time and effort to build a relationship with them.


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