Empowering Indigenous peoples by partnering with remote communities 

In partnership with the Midwest Aboriginal Employment and Economic Development Corporation (MEEDAC), we are the Australian Government’s provider of the Community Development Programme (CDP) in the Kambalda/Norseman regions of Western Australia. This large area spans the remote areas outside Kalgoorlie, all the way to the south coast of WA.

Our mission in the Goldfields Employment and Training Service (GETS) is to work collaboratively with individuals to develop their skills and confidence through interesting and engaging activities, training and employment.

We work closely in consultation with communities and key stakeholders to determine the activities we deliver in the region. We aim to create a bridge between our customers and their communities.

Our partnership with MEEDAC builds on their strengths and ours and recognises that together we deliver a better program for the community.

members of remote local community

Providing opportunities for empowerment and Indigenous community building

As part of GETS, people engage in work-life activities that benefit their community. A range of opportunities are available, allowing them to improve their skills and confidence while contributing to their community.

For example, in regions where there is an overall lack of investment in services for the elderly and those with disability, our participants step in and provide support such as garden maintenance.

During arts and crafts activities, the group make and supply blankets and teddy bears for children in hospital along with beanies for premature babies. Arts activities in the region showcase some of the finest art in the country. In order to give the Shires pride and confidence in their community, activities include cleaning and maintenance of popular tourist spots.

The Community Development Program

Individuals taking part in the program
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