Following up your application

follow up application

After sending in a job application, many candidates sit back and wait to hear from the employer.

Following up your application

However, a simple follow up call or email can increase your chances of getting to the next stage of the process and ultimately winning the job.

To increase your chances of being noticed, it helps to phone the employer three to five business days after sending your application. When you call, tell them your name and the position you applied for so there’s no confusion.

Communicate your enthusiasm for the job and that you look forward to hearing more from them. Even if they haven’t read your application yet, they are likely to remember your name when choosing people to interview.

Ask them when they are likely to hold interviews. If you haven’t heard anything after this date, then it is possible you’ve missed out. But you could send an email or call again to confirm. Remember to be friendly on the phone even if you miss out – you never know, they might end up having another position that’s more suitable for you, so don’t dismiss them completely.

Following up reinforces your presence in the mind of the employer and gives you that extra shot at winning a job.

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