Disclosing mental health in the workplace

Disclosing mental health in the workplace

It can be a scary thought, telling your employer about your mental health condition.

What if I'm judged? What if I'm fired? What if people start treating me differently?

Disclosing mental health in the workplace

Even though workers are under no legal obligation to do so, there are many positives that can come from telling your manager about your mental health condition, including:


Telling your boss can create an opportunity for some workplace adjustments to be made, like flexible work arrangements or a change in work duties.

Reducing the stigma

It can lead to positive experiences with colleagues who gain a greater understanding of a condition, and may even disclose their own mental health condition.


It can open the doors for you to receive more emotional support and understanding on your bad days.


People are much less likely to misinterpret some behavioural aspects associated with the mental health condition (such as anxiety or stress, reluctance to work in groups etc).

Accomplishing more in the workplace

Telling your manager means you can be honest about your condition and seek the support you need to achieve your employment goals.

Mentoring and leadership

It can lead to you becoming a positive role model though educating others about mental health and reducing the stigma that can be associated with certain mental health conditions.

Remember, disclosure may not always be required. So the decision to disclose is always based on your situation, what the type of work is, the environment and the supports you feel you need from your employer.

If you're not sure about discussing mental health, have a chat to a mental health professional. They can provide advice tailored to your particular circumstances and chat about methods to avoid stigma.


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