Dealing with online application forms

Dealing with online application forms

Sometimes employers set up an online form that you need to fill out to apply for a job.

Dealing with online application forms

They often use these to more easily compare candidates and find out information they might not find in a resume.

Online application forms are becoming a more common method of applying for jobs, particularly for large organisations that may receive a large number of applications for the one job.

Tips for online applications:

  • When filling out the online form, read the instructions carefully and follow them. This will help you stand out from others
  • Online forms often test for spelling and grammar – treat your application form the same way you would your resume and get a friend or family member to double check it before you hit send
  • It’s helpful to print out the form and fill it out on paper before you fill it out online
  • Have a copy of your resume handy as some of the fields will be able to be filled from that
  • Check that you will be able to save your application as you go. If you can’t, ensure that you have plenty of time to complete it. Submit it earlier rather than later – it’s likely that a lot of people will be trying to submit on the day of the closing date
  • Make sure you keep a copy of your completed form, you’ll need it to prepare if you are chosen for an interview.

Use the online form as another opportunity to sell yourself. Let your enthusiasm shine through in your answers. Good luck!

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