Arrive at work ready to go

arrive at work ready to go

Congratulations! You’ve got a new job and you’re about to start.

Here are some things you’ll want to get sorted before your first day.

Arrive at work ready to go

Get organised

Depending on how many days you’ll be working, figure out the clothes you’ll require and prepare them so that they are ready to wear. If the company has a uniform, you might need to provide your body measurements.

Also think about your food requirements – what’s provided by the company? What will you need to take? Are there food vendors nearby or do you need to pack your lunches?

If your employer has given you any forms to complete or material to read, have it all done before you start. You might like to pack a notepad and pen for your first day so you can take notes.

Arrange child care

If you have children, you’ll need to sort out how they’ll be cared for while you’re at work. Child care centres are not the only option –  you might be able to find a babysitter, nanny/au pair, friend or family member to assist.

Plan your transport

Figure out your route and timings, whether it be by car or public transport. You might consider doing a practice run before the big day. Leave extra time for travel in case there are traffic or public transport delays.

Get an early night

Start your first day of work feeling fresh and ready to work, not tired or hungover. Give yourself enough time to have a shower and breakfast.

Relax and have fun

This is an exciting time so enjoy yourself!

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