Meant to be: COVID fails to derail Lindy’s success story

Published by MAXSolutions on January 10, 2021
COVID fails to derail Lindy’s success story

In early 2020 the team at Commodore Regent had been poised to offer MAX customer Lindy a role as a guest service agent at their Launceston hotel. 

Lindy [pictured left] was ready to bring her nearly 30 years’ experience in customer service from places like MYER’s cosmetic department and a day spa on a Miami-based cruise liner across to the hotel industry. 

“I’d gone and met with a few candidates pre-COVID, including Lindy and I just knew that she would be a great fit for the hotel,” says Human Resources Manager for the Commodore Regent, Leslie Hall. 

“Lindy has a very lovely, warm demeanour and I could see that in the hotel reception, her personality would be a great fit,” she says.

Leslie and hotel Manager Andrew Grzinic were finalising plans to hire Lindy [pictured right] when COVID-19 proved it had other ideas. 

As travel restrictions wreaked havoc on the Australian economy, the Commodore Regent was forced to close their restaurant and dial back hotel operations. 

Leslie and Andrew were unable to make the job offer to Lindy as planned, devastating the mature job seeker. 

“It felt like everything was a mess,” says Lindy. 

As the weeks dragged on Lindy’s hopes of finding employment continued to slide. 

Throughout the difficult months, the MAX team in Launceston continued to keep in touch with both Lindy and the Commodore Regent team.

“Tameeka at MAX put me forward for many jobs. She often reassured me that I had a lot of experience and stayed positive for me,” says Lindy.

“But there were so many people out of work at that time. I felt like I didn’t have a hope of getting a job,” she says.

In September, after restrictions had eased and business at the Commodore Regent continued to recover, Leslie and Andrew turned to MAX to see if Lindy was still available. 

Not only was she still available, Lindy was stoked when the call came through from her MAX team letting her know the Commodore Regent was keen to offer her the position once again. 

“They told me on the phone and I couldn’t comprehend it,” says Lindy. 

“I had started to feel like I didn’t want to try anymore. I was so down. They came and saved me,” she says. 

“I can’t thank Andrew and Leslie enough. I really can’t,” she says. 

To support Lindy’s transition into the new role, the MAX team continued to support Lindy, including with a voucher to buy work clothes. 
“They are very caring in at MAX,” says Lindy.

Lindy is now settling into her new role at the Commodore Regent. 

“She’s doing well. She’s enthusiastic. When guests come in, she’s very engaging with them and she delivers excellent customer service,” says Leslie.

“I believe we’ve got a great candidate, and I look forward to continuing to watch her learn and develop in the role,” says Andrew. 

Congratulations Lindy! And thank you to the Commodore Regent and MAX Launceston for partnering – even amidst a pandemic – to give every person, every chance. 


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