Employment Services update on Coronavirus (Covid-19) from our Managing Director, Deborah Homewood

Published by MAXSolutions on April 16, 2020
An update on Coronavirus

As a result of the constant changes we are seeing across Australia in response to the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), I wanted to provide an update on what we are doing to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and the status of our employment services during the Coronavirus crisis.

Throughout the crisis we have been communicating with our employees to ensure our offices are observing heightened standards of hygiene and are informed with the latest information and advice from the various Government departments and the World Health Organisation. Our offices are public spaces that provide important services to individuals, community and businesses. The safe continuation of those services is our priority.

We have introduced countrywide measures to minimize the impact on our business and the services we deliver. Over 600 employees have been set up to work from home, allowing us to continue to run our services. In our offices, we have begun taking further measures including social distancing, minimising the number of appointments that take place face to face and using a combination of people working from home and people in offices to provide a quality, personalised service in a safe way.

Our call centre has been divided and half of those employees moved from their regular location to other offices so that smaller satellite call centres can continue to be available to provide support for our customers. As we monitor the situation and work with the Department’s advice, we will provide further updates to any changes to services.


Employment Services status: Coronavirus - updated 17/04/2020

- jobactive – Service being delivered by phone and online methods. Mutual obligations are relaxed until 27th April..

- Disability Employment Services – Service being delivered by phone and online methods.

- ParentsNext – Initial appointments and monthly contact by phone. No activities. 

- Smart Skilled and Hired – Service being delivered by phone and online methods.

- Adult Migrant Education Program – Service adjustments in place - please talk to your trainer.

- Skills for Education and Employment – Service being delivered by virtual classroom - please talk to your trainer.

- Opportunity Pathways Program – Service being delivered by virtual classroom - please talk to your consultant.

- Vocational Training Services - courses are being delivered online or via phone and paper based learning. Please speak to your trainer if you are already enrolled on a course. 

- Health services - we are currently administering all health and assessment services via phone and video calls. 

Should you have any questions, please contact our office. If you have a question about an employment service or any other service delivered by MAX, please contact us.

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