5 steps to build your job search momentum

build job seach momentum

Ever heard of the snowball effect?

Once you start something and have a small success, it can 'snowball'... meaning if you keep going, your small successes will spur on bigger successes! It might sound too good to be true, but you'll be surprised how often this happens.

5 steps to build your job search momentum

“Once you’ve called one employer or applied for one job it will get easier. Create a job search plan and then share that plan with others – set objectives for each day and aim to meet them.”

To kick start your snowball effect and build some momentum in your job search, here's what you can do:

Take the first step

The first step is so often the hardest part. But once you start, you'll want to keep going! Once you’ve called one employer or applied for one job it WILL get easier. So take a deep breath... and start!

Create a job search plan

Job searching can seem overwhelming when you don't know where to start. The remedy? Creating a job search plan!

Start small with things like 'make sure my resume is up to date' and 'organise my referees'. Then you can start to browse through jobs and create a shortlist of the ones you want to apply for. Got your shortlist? Start applying, call the company, get on their radar!

If you're not sure where to start with your job search plan, have a chat to your MAX consultant.

Set goals

They say progress is the best motivator, and the greatest way to gain momentum! Set objectives for each week and aim to meet them.

Remember, your objectives don't have to be huge. Start small and celebrate the little wins. You'll find a rhythm and before long there will be no stopping you!

Find some support

You don’t have to do this alone. It can be comforting to know that everyone, somewhere along the way, has been through the job-search process. If they've landed work, so can you!

Talk to friends and family about it, accept offers for help. If you know someone who is also job searching (and chances are you will) organise to meet up with them and outline some goals together. Check in with each other to make sure you’re both still on track (kind of like a gym buddy, but with a lot less active wear involved!).

Prefer to fly solo? Be your own support! Give yourself healthy incentives to reach your goals. Unwind with a DVD, plan a catch up with a friend or family member, or get away from the computer and go for a walk. Persist, persist, persist!

You can’t land a new job without going through the job search process. You just have to keep going. Take small steps to guide you through the process; widen your search, sell yourself, take advantage of your network, think outside the box. As your job search gains speed, your confidence will grow and this will help you hang in there!

The first thing you need to do is simply start. With a little effort, you’ll soon be on your way to winning that job you want.


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