20 most common first jobs

20 most common first jobs

If you’re starting out in the workforce and lack experience, it may feel as if your job options are limited.

20 most common first jobs

However, you might be surprised to know that many successful careers started from unlikely places.

Late last year, a number of influential professionals took to Facebook to share their #firstsevenjobs. It’s a good reminder that some of the most successful men and women didn’t land their dream jobs straight away, many had at least 7 ordinary (or completely random) jobs before landing their top positions.

Take Stephen Colbert’s career trajectory, for example. Before he was a late night talk show host, the #firstsevenjobs on his resume read: construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, futon salesman and waiter.

Your first job might not be your dream job, but it could be the jumping off point to bigger and better things. 

Six celebrities and where they got their career start:

  1. Hugh Jackman was a PE teacher
  2. Rachel McAdams worked at McDonald's
  3. Harrison Ford was a carpenter
  4. Jim Carrey was a cleaner
  5. George Clooney was a door-to-door insurance salesman
  6. Nicole Kidman worked as a massage therapist.

The 20 most common first jobs according to Facebook were:

  1. Baby sitter
  2. Cashier
  3. Lab assistant
  4. Newspaper delivery
  5. Teacher
  6. Camp counsellor
  7. Retail
  8. Dishwasher
  9. Receptionist
  10. Manager
  11. Waiter/Waitress
  12. Host/Hostess
  13. McDonald’s
  14. Intern
  15. Student
  16. Barista
  17. Store clerk
  18. Pizza delivery
  19. Lifeguard
  20. Research assistant.

It’s good to remember that your career can start from anywhere. It might take you one job, it might take you a dozen, but if you keep trying you can get to exactly where you want to be. 

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